ANAMICA joined hands with the Center for International Education, Georgia Perimeter College to present Kathakali by Kalamandalam Shanmukhan  and lec-dem by Kalamandalam Kaladharan on Saturday October 24th, 2009 .


'Poothampattu - Bard of the Lost Spirit' 2008

ANAMICA joined hands with Nritya Sankalpa to present Poothampattu - Bard of the Lost Spirit

'History of Unforgetting' 2007
History of Unforgetting explores the hierarchy and exploitation inherent in the tradition of temple-court dancing along with the displacement suffered by these artists during colonization.
'Ekaantha Seetha...a lonely furrow' 2006
CCA's production, Ekaantha Seetha is a Bharatanatyam dance drama celebrating women of extraordinary courage and character, of gumption and grace: Sita of Hindu theology, Rani Lakshmi Bai of Indian Freedom movement, Aparajitha of today's India. The underlying theme says it all: We reap the harvests of the loosened fields of lonely furrows ploughed by such women.
'Masters of Kathakali’ Tour 2005
Keli kottu (drumming sound) announcing the commencement of Kathakali drama echoed not on the steps of the temple courtyard but in the lobby of the Broadway Theater in the city of New York on April 1st, 2005.The legends of Kathakali from Kalamandalam, Sadanam, Margi and Kottakal came together to form the nostalgic 'Masters Of Kathakali' troupe. The Masters of Kathakali troupe traveled 8000 miles from their home town in Kerala, India to perform in the cities of USA. This unique troupe performed in 28 cities spanning the entire USA in the months of April-May, 2005.
Atlanta hosts the ‘Ambassador of Mohiniattom’
The lights dim, and there is an expectant hush as the audience falls silent. A spark of light appears on the darkened stage, which sways and flickers and then grows into a flame from a burning wick. A dancer, a vision attired in the purest of whites, steps slowly, languorously to the front of the stage, bearing in her hand the traditional ‘Nilavilakku’ (lamp) of Kerala.
No, this scene was not set in ‘God’s own country’ in the south-east corner of India. It was at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta in Riverdale, Georgia, and the occasion was the mesmerizing evening of Mohiniattom performance by Kalamandalam Radhika on September 6, 2003.